Bitcoin Wallets & Prepaid Cards 

Cash out and spend Crypto as traditional money using MyCard.

  ✓    Plastic card in EUR or USD

      Spend Money Worldwide (No Fees)

  ✓    Attractive Affiliate Program

  ✓    Available on Mobile

Bitcoin Wallets & Prepaid Cards 

Cash out and spend Crypto as traditional money using VCI VISA Card.

     Plastic Card in EUR or USD

     Spend Money Worldwide (No Fees)

 ✓    European Region Delivery 

 ✓    Available on Mobile

Exchange Cash & Crypto with Ease

Use it to send, receive and store your cryptocurrency.

    Free BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP Wallets

     Store With Secure Your Digital Money

 ✓    2-Factor Authentication 

What We Offer

User Centric Experiences

Our team has many years of experience in mobile banking, so our app is very easy to use.

WorldClass Support

We offer you a direct support chat with our staff, around the clock.

user history

We offer you access to your payment and transaction history at any time. Individual transactions are mirrored on your app in real time.

Product Updates

We are already planning a lot of exciting features and updates. So that Cryptobanking will be even easier for you!

Award Winning quality

If there would be an award for our work and app we would win it guaranteed in many areas!


We offer the use of multiple digital currencies: BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC or XRP are already available. More in planning!

“All in one” Wallet Solution

It is simple: Recharge Crypto, convert into €, spend with your card. All in one wallet!

The Easiest Way to

Spent and Earn Crypto 

up to 10 levels

You have the chance to build up an affiliate network and even earn money from their affiliate activity – up to 10 levels are possible!


worldwide access

You can easily join our affiliate program. No matter where they come from – it’s accessible to everyone worldwide! 

transaction commissions

We offer you up to 20% commission from our Exchange fees!

payout in btc

Commissions are paid out in BTC and you receive them directly into your card wallet!

Not Sure Already?

If you have any questions, you can also send us your questions here. If your questions are about things like spend limits or fees, you can find the answers in the backoffice area. Just register and get started today!